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The Best Beginner Electric Guitar?

Thinking of getting your first starter guitar? Have you been to your local music store and quickly discovered there are hundreds to choose from? Dont worry, I was in the exact same predicament many years ago! What shape guitar should you start out with? Should you start with the cheapest guitar on the shelf? Which brand should you go for? Should you start learning with an electric or an acoustic guitar? Dont worry we are going to list some of the best beginner electric guitar!

First off, You should never settle for the cheapest guitar on the rack and with all musical instruments, You really do get what you pay for! As for starting out with an electric guitar verse and acoustic, That depends on your personal music tastes. Click here to see our recommended beginner acoustic guitars.

Epiphone Les Paul SPECIAL-II Electric GuitarThe Best Beginner Electric Guitar

The Les Paul Special II is the best electric guitar under $200 for people that are looking for that classic humbucker sound that is typical for Gibson combined with a familiar Les Paul vintage look. If this is your case and you are on a budget, you can’t make a mistake with the LP Special II.
Epiphone are releasing this model with a lot of features that are not typical for cheap electric guitars. The only thing that comes in mind as a drawback is the fact that you have access to fewer controls, but if they were a pain for you before, there is a big chance that you will love this guitar even more.vintage look. If this is your case and you are on a budget, you can’t make a mistake with the LP Special II.

This Epiphone is one of the best choices for your first guitar. The 700T Humbucker pickups are great versatile pickups that suit tones from classic rock to blues and jazz.

Priced at around $169, Its suitable for beginners and advanced players looking to diversify their collection with a quality and affordable guitar. Click here to purchase.

Squier by Fender Bullet Strat Beginner Electric Guitar

Arguably a great beginners guitar with whammy bar.Now anyone can afford Fender quality. Built with a comfortable and lightweight slim basswood body, the Bullet Strat comes loaded with three single-coil Fender pickups for that iconic Strat tone, a fast-action bolt-on maple neck, and 21 medium-jumbo frets on a rosewood fingerboard. The tremolo arm, or whammy bar, enables everything from smooth note bends to crazy divebombs for your sonic experimentation.Use the drop-down menu above and to the right to choose colors and other options.e of the best value for money brands in the market, this Squier lives up to that value with this Bullet Strat!

The single coil pickups are punchy enough for Punk Rock to country. The C shaped neck makes for easy playing and comfort.

Priced at $150, This is the “can’t go wrong” solutions for electric guitars for beginners. Click here to purchase.The Best Beginner Electric Guitar

C-1 SGR by Schecter Beginner Electric Guitar

The SGR by Schecter collection combines Schecter’s most popular body styles in an extremely affordable package. Playability, style, quality and inspiration combine to give you a guitar built for a professional, with a beginner’s guitar price tag. Featuring basswood bodies,

The Best Beginner Electric Guitar
C-1 SGR by Schecter

rosewood fretboards, SGR by Schecter Diamond Plus humbuckers and a simple, sleek design, Schecter’s SGR C-1 is setting a new standard. Again.

Are you a metal head looking to finally get an axe? Look no further!

Schecter are one of the leading guitar brands in the industry when it comes to making guitars for shredding and riffing.

This is a $100, 24-Fret is a no brainer.

There you have it! Some of the starter electirc guitars in the market. Click here to purchase.

Have a look at some of our Electric Guitar Packages for a plug in and start a band solutions!

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