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Electric Guitar Kits

Electric Guitar Kits For Beginners

Electric guitars are notoriously known for not being very beginner friendly as you cant necessarily just pick on off the shelf at your music store, you are also going to need cables, An Amp and a Tuner at the bare minimum. Thats were these electric guitar kits come into play.

Some will also tell you if you are a beginner just learning how to play, you would be better off getting an acoustic first then an electric. this isn’t true, you are just going to need a few more bits of gear first before you can start jamming away.

And this is why we made this post so we can simplify the process for you and give you our top picks of electric guitar starter kits. these are all-in-one guitar packs designed for simply plug and play.

Squier by Fender Affinity Stratocaster

The good thing about the three single coils mean this is an incredibly versatile guitar, and providing you have the effects or amps that suit your style, the Strat can cope with almost anything, whether it is country or metal. The major thing people overlook about this guitar is its potential as a custom guitar. The pickups are simple to replace with better ones, scratchplate, bridge and neck can all be replaced and modified with little knowledge

This electric guitar kit includes your Affinity Stratocaster Guitar, Fender Amp, Tuner, Instructional DVD, Gig Bag, Cable, Strap and Picks.

Everything you need to start learning your first chord with the instructional DVD to your first gig.

This Pack starts at $199 with an option to upgrade to a more powerful Amp for $249.

Best Electric Guitar Kits

Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Package

The Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar kits is a great way to save time and jump start a career in music. It includes an Epiphone Les Paul Special II guitar, Electar-10 amp with overdrive, gig bag, pinch-on tuner, strap, cable, guitar picks and free eMedia guitar lessons on-line.

Epiphone’s Les Paul Player Pack has everything you need to start playing guitar right away.

It includes a genuine Les Paul Special-II LTD guitar featuring two classic hum bucker pickups and a 10-watt Electra guitar amp with a 10ft guitar cable.

This pack comes in at around $200.

Best Electric Guitar Kits

Squier Bullet by Fender

The Fender Stratocaster design has been around since 1954 and remains one of the most popular and copied guitar styles of all time.

For those who don’t have several hundred or even thousands of dollars to spend on a new guitar, however, other options must be considered. If you’ve been doing your research, that means you’ve run across guitars like the Squier Stratocaster or the Squier Bullet Strat.

This Squire Bullet by Fender is on the upper end of our list as it comes in at $250

it includes: ChromaCast/GoDpsMusic Pick Sampler, ChromaCast Tuner, ChromaCast Guitar Stand, ChromaCast Nylon Gig Bag, ChromaCast Guitar Strap, ChromaCast 10ft Cable, ChromaCast Guitar Strings & Sawtooth 10 Watt Guitar Amp.

Best Electric Guitar Kits

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