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Schecter OMEN-6 Review

Schecter Omen 6 Review

Schecter is one of those companies that for years have been in the corner, silently making guitars, not making a lot of noise. All while the older bigger boys are hogging center stage with theirinflated price tags and star studded endorsements. All in the mean time they have been building fantastic guitars. Lets take alook at the Schecter OMEN.

I can insure you that there has never been a subpar Schecter that has left their factory. From great finishes, to beautiful bindings and inlays, to high-quality hardware and electronics, Schecter guitars are always impressive.

But what about this model? The Schecter OMEN-6 is one of their entry level guitars at the bottom of their lineup. And is amongst their most affordable guitars on the market.

Does it live up to the Schecter name and stack up against other $300 Guitars? Let’s see.Schecter OMEN-6 Review online store

The Omen 6 Guitar

At the time I purchased my Schecter OMEN I was searching for an inexpensive guitar I could bash around a bit on tour without worrying about damaging an expensive piece of hardware.

At the same time not looking for a piece of junk (and there is some junk out there). The guitar needed to sound good and hold its tuning in all kinds of situations and weather.

I dear say this guitar does all that .while it certainly doesn’t hold up against Schecter’s higher end models, it definitely carries a big stick.

But it isn’t perfect 

Build Quality

He Omen 6 is designed with a Schecter “C” body style. Aesthetically, I really like the look in electric blue, which they don’t make anymore. Now the Omen 6 is available in white, black or walnut stain. Still cool. I probably would have gone with white if they had it when I was shopping for this guitar.

The body itself is made of basswood. Basswood is a thick, resonant tone wood, great for metal and hard rock. Many Schecter’s utilize mahogany or mahogany with a maple cap in their design. Mahogany sounds great, but I’ve always liked basswood too. It has a similar kind of resonance as mahogany, though not the same clarity.

The guitar is made with a bolt-on maple neck where many other Schecter’s have set necks, which pairs very nicely with basswood body. Maple is a bright tone wood, and bolt-on necks tend to sound a little snappier than set necks.

Set necks do beat out bolt-ons when it comes to sustain, but this guitar is definitely not short on the stuff! Which I believe the string-through body helps with.

How Does it sound

As most Schecter’s, the guitar is kitted towards rock. The pickups are quite hot, but with most low end passives, do get muddy at high-gain settings. Which might be exactly what you’re looking for, especially if you’re looking to tune down a step or two and put some thick strings on it? For three-hundred bucks it’s hard to take issue with the sound quality of the Omen 6.

The electronics are the same song and dance: two pickups, one volume knob, one tone knob, and a three-way switch.

The bridge pickup is heavy and crunchy, and the overall guitar sound is very thick. The neck pickup sounds good for soloing or clean playing, but again both pickups can sound a little muddy at times.

Even though the guitar was built with metal in mind, it still sounds great for almost every style of music. Including jazz and blues.

For those looking for an affordable all-purpose guitar that is well rounded and can take a beating. The Omen 6 delivers.


This guitar is not quite there for players who are used to strats with a fast action. The 24-fret rosewood fingerboard feels fast and solid, but doesn’t compare to a one-piece maple neck.

This is more of a PRS type guitar, and it’s largely a matter of preference and playing style.

One thing I can say is that the tuning and setup remain very solid even through aggressive playing and note bending. The tuning pegs do not appear to be very high quality, but they certainly do the job.


The Schecter OMEN is a no brainer for thous in the market for an affordable, Beginner rock guitar.

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