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How To Hold A Guitar Pick/Plectrum

For beginners one of the most important things to learn when starting out is learning how to properly hold a guitar pick, and how to strum the strings.

How to Hold a Guitar Pick

If you are right handed you will be using your left hand finger the guitar notes and the right hand to stump. Always take a moment to relax your right hand.

First, form a fist with your right hand with your thumb on the outside of your index finger. Place the guitar pick between the middle of your index finger and your thumb; remember to keep a relaxed grip. The picks pointiest side should be facing out.

How to Strum Your Guitar

Hold your picking hand over the strings of your guitar. Don’t rest your hand on the guitar; instead allow your hand to hover.

Now, use the guitar pick to strum your guitar from the thickest string down. Don’t move your whole arm to strum your guitar. Instead, let the movement come from your wrist.  Practice rotating your wrist like you are unscrewing a light bulb while keeping your wrist straight and your grip on your pick fairly loose and easy. When you strum, you should feel a rotation in your wrist, rather than bending.

You can strum a chord from the top string down or the bottom string up. Try alternating down and up strums to hear the difference between each type of strum. You can try other rhythms or combinations like down-down-up-down to convey different feelings or evoke a genre. For example, punk music will typically use only quick down strums while an old country standard could be slow alternating up and down strokes.

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