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How To Hold A Guitar Pick/Plectrum

For beginners one of the most important things to learn when starting out is learning how to properly hold a guitar pick, and how to strum the strings. How to Hold a Guitar Pick If you are right handed you will be using your left hand finger the guitar notes and the right hand to […]

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Schecter OMEN-6 Review

Schecter Omen 6 Review Schecter is one of those companies that for years have been in the corner, silently making guitars, not making a lot of noise. All while the older bigger boys are hogging center stage with theirinflated price tags and star studded endorsements. All in the mean time they have been building fantastic […]

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Acoustic Guitar Kits For Beginners

Acoustic Guitar Kits For Beginners Acoustic Guitar Kits are the easiest instruments to simply pick up and play. They don’t require Amps or cables or a power socket, You simply pick it up, Grab your pick (hopefully don’t drop it in your guitar) and start playing! Its the ultimate go anywhere, play anywhere , Bonfire instrument. […]

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Electric Guitar Kits

Electric Guitar Kits For Beginners Electric guitars are notoriously known for not being very beginner friendly as you cant necessarily just pick on off the shelf at your music store, you are also going to need cables, An Amp and a Tuner at the bare minimum. Thats were these electric guitar kits come into play. […]

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Great Acoustic Guitars For Beginners

Starting your musical journey is possibly the easiest and cheapest with an acoustic guitar. As you wont need to spend extra on all the extras electric guitars need like amps and cables. So we collected a few of some of the cheapest and best value for money acoustic guitars on the market, helping you decide […]

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The Best Beginner Electric Guitar?

Thinking of getting your first starter guitar? Have you been to your local music store and quickly discovered there are hundreds to choose from? Dont worry, I was in the exact same predicament many years ago! What shape guitar should you start out with? Should you start with the cheapest guitar on the shelf? Which brand should […]

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