[DISCONTINUED] Line 6 DT50 2×12 25/50W Guitar Amplifier

DT50 goes further than any other amplifier to produce the best amp tones. Many amplifiers offer either modeling technology or reconfigurable analog circuitry, but DT50 offers both to deliver something bigger than the sum of its parts. New HD modeling technology, a host of switchable analog components, and a simple and elegant 2-channel interface – DT50 guitar amplifiers are in a category all their own.

Revolutionary Bogner tube design meets HD Modeling technology

New Line 6 HD modeling technology fully integrates with Reinhold Bogner’s most flexible tube design. They breathe unparalleled warmth, feel and depth into the amp voicings on which all great amplifiers are based – classic American cleans, chimey and crunchy English tones, and modern high-gain distortion. The 4-way Voicing switch is the heart of DT50, and flicking this switch starts a chain reaction that produces these incredible tones.

Brand-new Line 6 HD modeling technology fuels each Voicing’s preamp and tone stack, and automatically pairs them with dynamic analog circuitry including tube configuration and negative feedback topology (courtesy of Reinhold Bogner’s uniquely versatile 50-watt, EL34 power section). You get high amounts of negative feedback when you want your American clean tones to gleam and shine, zero negative feedback when you want your chimey English tones to sport their signature dynamics, and everything in between. All four Voicings deliver their heralded sonic signatures.

Want to put your own John Hancock on these sonic signatures? Use the front-panel Class A/Class AB and Pentode/Triode switches. Ever wonder what your favorite English Class AB amp sounded like in Class A? Want to run your favorite single-ended Class A amp tone and give it more headroom in Class AB? Well now you can.

2-channels for 1-touch analog reconfiguration

With beauty deeper than its striking good looks, DT50 has a traditional two-channel format that is stunningly simple and instantly usable.

Get total analog reconfiguration with one touch. Any combination of Voicing, operating class and power tube mode can be assigned to either channel. For example, Channel A can be Voicing I/Class A/Pentode, and Channel B can be Voicing IV/Class AB/Triode. This streamlined and straightforward layout is free of complexity and learning curve, and is ideal for any gigging musician.

Both channels have independent reverb for as much or as little “sproing” you need.

Real analog flexibility

Sonic flexibility is a big part of the DT50 blueprint. Fortifying that concept is the behind-the-scenes communication between the tube sections and the HD amp modeling technology. Each one adapts and adjusts based on what the other is doing. For example, at high volumes the HD amp modeling technology “backs off” to allow for the natural power-tube distortion to take over and color the tone. At low volumes, the opposite happens. As a result, DT50 yields outstanding “sweet spot” tone at all volume levels.

DT50 also offers a “low-power” mode, which is perfect for recording or quieter gigs. Low-power mode lets the HD modeling technology provide both preamp and power amp tones so you can perform with all the grit and gain you need without the volume that normally comes with it.

Looking for total floor control? Connect a POD® HD multi-effect pedal via L6 LINK™ connection to control DT50 Voicings and more while utilizing the enormous collections of vintage and modern FX and HD amp models in POD HD. (Sold separately.)

Even when using the DT50 as a straight-up, stand-alone tube amplifier you can still employ its MIDI I/O to a standard MIDI controller for on-the-fly switching of all of its tube parameters.

Wrap it all in the tank-like construction that both Line 6 and Bogner are famous for, and you’ve got years of trouble-free performance on the road, and in the studio.

  • Brand-new Line 6 HD amp modeling technology seamlessly integrates with Reinhold Bogner’s uniquely (and extremely) versatile tube sections
  • DT50 goes further than any other amplifier to produce great amp tones. Many amplifiers offer either modeling technology or reconfigurable analog circuitry, but DT50 offers both to deliver something bigger than the sum of its parts
  • Reconfigurable analog circuitry: negative feedback loop, operating class (class A, class AB), power tube mode (pentode/triode); low-power mode; 2-channel design
  • (2) 12AX7 preamp; (2) EL34 power amp; 12” Custom Celestion® G12H90 speaker; 12” Celestion® Vintage 30 speaker
  • Front panel: (Channels A and B) Drive, Bass, Mid Treble, Presence, Reverb, Channel Volume; Channel switch; Voicing switch; Pentode/Triode switch; Class A/Class AB switch; Master volume; Power; Standby
  • Back panel: MIDI I/O; Channel footswitch input; L6 LINK™ in and out/thru; FX loop with Level control; Balanced direct out; Speaker outs (4 ohm, 8 ohm and 16 ohm)
  • Connect a POD® HD multi-effect pedal to control all DT50 Voicings and parameters from the floor while taking advantage of the enormous collections of FX and HD amp models in POD HD