Encore Basics Guitar Stand for Electric, Acoustic Guitar, Cellos & Bass – 15 Inches Tall

Quality Guitar Accessories That Make Life Easy

Encore Basics offers you the ultimate guitar stand that is packed with practicality and was created to make life easier for you and your instruments!

A Must Have Accessory

With our guitar stand you can enjoy having a dedicated resting place for your instrument after you’re done playing.

The smart design of our stand can accommodate your electric/ acoustic/ bass guitar, cello etc. and also allows you to place it anywhere you wish in your studio or room.

The compact yet lightweight design makes for easy carrying and does not fill up much space like other bulky stands.

A Guitar Stand Made To Last

Here at Encore Basics, we design our music accessories so that you get the best bang out of your buck while you keep enjoying them for years on end.

Our guitar stand is made out of mighty durable iron and is guaranteed to keep accommodating your favorite instruments for a lifetime.

Save Money On Guitar Service

When you take good care of your instrument, then you need far less money to maintain it!

Our guitar stand, by providing the correct support to your instrument, it prevents it from getting crooked as it would if you placed it against a wall.

This results in your guitar’s body staying in mint condition and saves you an early trip to the guitar shop.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We know you’ll love using our guitar stand and you won’t be able to do without the practicality it comes packed with! We fully stand behind our products quality and you can rest assured that you won’t find such a high quality deal with such an amazing price!

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UNPARALLELED CONVENIENCE: If you are a guitar player, then chances are you are more than familiar with the struggle to find a place to rest your instrument after you’re done playing! With Encore Basic’s Guitar Stand you can enjoy a portable stand that can pack easily for use anywhere – stage, room or studio
KEEP YOUR INSTRUMENT PROTECTED: When you set your instrument on the ground or lean it against a wall you’re running the risk of damaging your tension rod, head or body. With Encore Basic’s guitar stand your instrument is supported to eliminate the risk of your instrument sliding and falling.
MIGHTY DURABLE: All our music supplies are manufactured according to the highest standards in the industry so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible. Our guitar stand is made out of durable steel that is guaranteed to withstand the test of time and keep your instrument safe for years on end!
HIGHLY VERSATILE DESIGN: This amazing guitar stand is packed with practicality. Apart from the fact that you can use it for a number of instruments like acoustic/ electric guitar, bass guitar, cellos and so on, the lightweight construction allows you to easily place it anywhere you wish. Plus, the compact design allows for easy carrying and storing away!